Strigaskór Speed svartir/neon appelsínugulir

kr. 9.990

Verð á vöru:kr. 9.990
Vörunúmer: 5616-773 Flokkar: , ,
  • WMS fitted shoes
  • Outsole with optimal traction
  • ShockAbsorb EVA midsole with optimal damping characteristics
  • Fast-drying material through Fast-Dry Lining technology
  • Breathable mesh inserts
  • Extra indoor soles without abrasion effect

Sporty style for little athletes: The Speed Junior sports shoe

Are you looking for a sporty shoe for your child that not only looks great but also impresses with its technical features? Then the Speed Junior is just the thing for you! The fast-drying material of the shoe is made possible by the innovative Fast-Dry Lining technology and ensures a comfortable feeling during sports. The outsole is equipped with a special rubber compound that ensures optimal grip and fast directional changes. With the ShockAbsorb EVA midsole, hard landings are no longer a problem for your child. The shoe offers optimal cushioning and protects your child’s feet from injuries. The Speed Junior is equipped with a velcro fastening and a lacing system so that your child can put the shoe on and take it off quickly and easily. The WMS fit shoe ensures a perfect fit and optimal support during sports. The breathable mesh inserts keep your child’s feet cool and dry during sports. Best of all, the Speed Junior comes with extra indoor soles that leave no abrasion on the indoor floor for long-lasting fun. Order the Speed Junior sports shoe now and let your child take off on the pitch!



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